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Mission & Vision


INK is committed to building a food community and delivering the benefits of social engagement on the subject.

INK brings together passionate purveyors and consumers in an effort to educate, understand and collaborate. INK celebrates the individual stories and communal efforts to build a better tomorrow by changing what is on your plate today.

INK aims to provide the catalyst for a gentle SHIFT in the way we think about food and the choices we make everyday. It is based on the philosophy that every small change can lead to something truly breakthrough.

INK was founded by Asha in 2014 in response to her desire to bring people together and connect through food.

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Asha Photography is a portfolio of engaging moments in an ordinary life. It seeks to connect the viewer with the true beauty of food and life by leveraging the honesty of natural light. 


Fork Spoon Knife is collection of personal recipes, reviews and culinary experiences aimed at inspiring, guiding and enabling a food enthusiast. It celebrates the variety of cultures and cuisines around the world and their inherent harmony.


FoodLY is a service designed to solve for the biggest barriers to cooking more and eating well today - Time, Money and Experience. Through personal coaching and group interactions, the aim is to build desire, technique and confidence to create a healthier edible future.





Asha is the founder of INK and all associated services.

Her love for food began at a very young age even as she rebelled at the then societal expectation to learn to cook. However, it was not until she left the country, did the liberation and need to feed well, did enter the kitchen in earnest. While working in Tokyo and New York, she realized that eating out was having a negative impact on her waistline as well as overall well-being. Not fitting into those skinny jeans has a mindset-shifting effect. She taught herself to cook from nostalgic memories, obsessive trawling of the web and some frantic long distance phone calls.

In 2008, she started Fork Spoon Knife as a chronicle of her culinary journey and to connect with other inspired food enthusiasts. Over the years, she has been inspired by the passion and intensity she witnessed in this field; From farmers in upstate NY to olive growers in Southern Italy, non-GMO market sellers in Budapest to the incredible producers at the London Borough Market, from restauranteurs holding to traditional values to those seeking perfection in the art of serving customers.

INK is her venture towards bringing her experiences and relationships on to a common platform for the benefit of the community at large.

As a freelance writer and a photographer, her work has been featured in The Daily Meal, Spenser Magazine, Huffington Post, The Kitchn, Honest Cooking Magazine among others.

She can be found cooking, feeding and teaching at her home in Brooklyn, New York or sharing what she her inspirations on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. She enjoys hiking in good weather, running in all weather and 

Before founding INK, Asha was a publishing analyst and research strategist and is a veteran of the investment banking and technology industries. She has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Anna University.



Ivan is the technology enabler and all round geek. 

He has a day job building trading systems, a part time job dreaming up apps that beverage savvy (anything from coffee to whisky goes) users would kill to have, and a second job building and operating the infrastructure for all of Asha's creative fantasies. He is also her sounding board and dream catcher.

He adamantly refuses to get a Facebook account, relying on Whatsapp to stay connected with friends across the pond. Oh! The Irony!

His biggest passion is golf but doesn't get nearly enough tee time as he would like. When motivated he can be seen posting on Twitter and Instagram and playing what goes for tame Gaelic football at pitches somewhere in the city.

Ivan has an undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems (BSc) from University of Cork. 


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK