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VSCO + Boozy Slushie

Vodka Berry Slushie

Hmmm.. I have been racking my brains for some clever way of telling a story that links those two items in the title. But I can't. So, let me just plunge into it. I have two things to share with you today. Actually, three things.

1. I just got a VSCO portfolio. This one is going to have more travel photos, and some iPhone stuff that I don't post on Instagram. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Shoreline Bay, Mountain View

2. I am in sunny California at the moment and in Mountain View for the first time. I am totally taken by the stunning beauty here that is so accessible. Quite the opposite of living in NYC. I am loving it. Look at that blue. How can I not?!

Vodka Berry Slushie

3. The most important stuff. The recipe. Nay, the cocktail that will set you up for the weekend. I am talking this Vodka Berry Basil Slushie. Somewhere between a margarita (no tequila) and a shaken cocktail. But, it's sweet as Summer and has a kick that you just need to get the party rolling. In this case, it went on for 8 hours. Ummm.. these things happen!

So, well, that's it from me today. Short and sweet. I am traveling for the next few weeks but I plan to keep this space running with inspirations while I am on the road or the air.

Shoreline Bay, Mountain View

Parting thought: WIFI on flight is awesome! Now, they need to work on making it free!

Vodka Berry Basil Slushie
{for each serving}

Vodka Berry Slushie

2 measures vodka
1/4 cup frozen berries
2 T fresh blueberries
4 small cubes of ice

Add the blend and pulse to slushy. Enjoy!


  1. Refreshing and divine! Great flavors.



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