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Nothing Fancy + Friday Links

Egg Sandwich with Ham, Broccoli Rabe and Dubliner cheese

Just a sandwich. Not a lot going on there. Some ham, greens, and oh that egg!

This is perhaps not a very typical FSK post in as much as there is no real recipe, but this dish is rather close to me. Or, I should put it as, several meals similar to this one have been my sustenance for the last few weeks.

Needless to say, I am a very good customer for eggs. I honestly eat at least one a day. These ones are pasture laid and delivered to me from a farm upstate along with my raw milk (I am not getting into that debate. It works for me, thats all).

If you followed my Instagram, you would have seen my confessions of my struggles with not being distracted from feeding myself well. Eggs were my trump card. At the very least, I would have an egg. On top of whatever I could easily rummage. Until, I realized that an egg a day on its own, does not keep the doctor away.


So, I started doing a few basic things to help myself -

1. Plan ahead - Captain Obvious. But, one that easily slips by unnoticed. I make shopping lists over the weekend, for the week's groceries and produce to be picked up from the Farmers market. I have started adding a couple more places to stop at bakery and butcher, for bread, crackers, and cured meats.

2. Eat fruit - Notwithstanding the lack of whole portions for lunch, I typically eat small portions. That means, I need to eat every 3 to 4 hours. That is a pinch, if I cooked properly for lunch. But, the 3 pm slump made me crave a walk outside, a cup of coffee and something to nibble, which, usually ended being something sweet and too much of it. To break that cycle, I stock up on fruit and cottage cheese. Slicing fruit is not much activity, dollop of cottage cheese and something else or nothing at all and I am good to go now. Also, I end up eating a lot of fruit, which, is great!

Croissant Sandwich

3. Take a walk or run outside - Here is the thing. When you focus deeply on something, one becomes oblivious to a lot of the other senses. Mental or physical labor have a way of dulling hunger and thwarting motivation to shift focus. Forcing yourself to step away breaks that solitary mode. Also, a breath of fresh air is good for stimulating the appetite. For most of us leading sedentary work lives, it also becomes hard to justify full size meals when you aren't working it off physically. A run solves that!

4. Join a group - Peer pressure, group therapy, challenge, whatever! It works :) Meeta and I are starting an Instagram series, with the hashtag #cookingfor1. We are going to be posting the meals that we cook for ourselves. I will tell you, this already has me thinking and smiling about the meals I want to make for myself. Of course, the motivation stems from posting it online. Nevertheless, it helps me tactically and strategically, I am sure, it will become more incorporated in my life without the necessity of a push.

So, come and have a look at our food. We are roping in a few of our friends for added visual stimulation.


In other news,

- I am loving this new magazine in that photo, Mordern Farmer. A touch hippie and launching off a lot on Mr. Pollan but its the concise version with updated information on things we relate to today.

- The Saveur Best Food Blog award nominations are out. No, I am not on the list yet. But there is a ton of talent on it. Get some food porn into your system.

- I have smoking on mind this weekend. Fish. What were you thinking? This book is great for DIY deli items.

- On my nightstand now is Jamie's magazine latest issue + historic cuisine of Britain.

- This is a beautiful read on enjoying food.

- What an idea and love her recipes!

- I have to restock my chocolate to make this ASAP.

- Love this imagery

- Her sketches

- The lightbox kickstarter project. Rather cool.

So, have a great weekend and don't forget to make your lists! :)

As to this sandwich, go on, you know you want it. Get a bit of olive mustard in there for some punch. Smack!


  1. That is something I've been meaning to try a long time ago! A tasty treat.

    Thanks for the lovely links.



  2. I'm with you when it comes to eggs...and eating every three hours. This sandwich has my name all over it :) Thanks for the awesome links, Asha!

  3. Eggs rock! Perfect for cooking quick and easy meals for one. I am loving our series and glad this is motivating you (and me) to eat well for ourselves. My dad always says the body is your temple - treat it well and it will love you back. :o)


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