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Falling in love... for the second time....

Overlooking Jardin du tuleries

I write this post with a heavy heart. One that yearns longingly. One that desperately wants to breach the distance that seperates us. One that quietly hopes for the day we will be together.

I am in love. Again. I fell in love for the first time, five years back. And then again, a few weeks back when I spent a glorious weekend in the city that makes my heart beat faster, no, palpitate. Paris.

Arc de triomphe

It has taken me a while to post about it because, in honesty, for a long time, I had no words to describe the emotions, the feelings, of how cleanly I was swept away and floated for three glorious days in the arms of one of the most beautiful lovers in the world.

When I expressed my tongue-tiedness to a friend, he advised me to wait a bit and that the words will come to me. And, it did. Ah! the wisdom of the French... in this as in so many others....

Louvre gateway

Grand Palais


Flying birds

I walked the streets of the city, taking in the atmosphere, indulging in the goodness of Parisians. Yes! I have always had a great time here, contrary to what most believe/experience.

Enamored, I wandered through Marais, St. Germain, the Latin Quarter, Montparnasse, Champs Elysses, Tuilieres, Jardin du Luxemburg and along the quay...

Le Louvre


The charm and flirtatious grace of the French are not easily seen, especially by an outsider, but I was indeed fortunate to experience it, multiple times, in my short stay...

Perhaps it was the alluring charm of my stuttering French? (many a time, I encountered the patient fran├žais(e) who smiled and spoke in reasonable English to me while I earnestly plodded on with my broken French, enabling even more gracious service)

Or, perhaps it is just that Paris loves to seduce the single woman willing to be taken in....

Lamp post Jardin du tuleries



Paris is where I got lost, yet found myself. Where I quietly sat on a park bench and felt content. Where I never felt lonely or alone. Where I felt I needed to be at that moment and at every moment. Where my heart is, wants to be, and, perhaps, will always be. Where I feel I belong somehow!

It is Paris. There is Life, there is Love, there is Passion ....

Oh! Paris - je t'aime!

Jardin du Luxemburg


  1. Beautiful clicks,they speak a lot,.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing.



  3. gorgeous photos ... they take me right back there.

  4. beautiful story !!! thanks for sharing...!!

  5. I was lucky enough to live in Paris while in my twenties. And as much as I adore Mexico, where I have lived for 25 years, a piece of my heart always remains in Paris.

    This post resonated for me. Loved the moody and beautiful photos.

  6. I completely understand and I completely agree. Paris moves the mind, body, and soul the way no other city has ever moved me. It's enchanting, provocative, intellectual. It's wonderful and I wish I could have an apartment next to the Seine near Notre Dame. The people were so friendly too, it was entirely unexpected based on stupid stereotypes. I love it and I understand your feelings.

  7. Gorgeous photo's Asha -- Paris is ethereal :)

  8. While your photographs always captivate me.. this time i fell in love with your words!!

  9. How I understand you my friend.... It took me some time to fall in love with Paris but it has been the longest love story I have ever had so far.
    I long for the next time I will be able to walk its streets.

  10. I hope to visit Paris one day so I can fall in love, too! Such a lovely post and beautiful pictures. With three kids my traveling is limited to road trips in California!

  11. I'm so missing a city I've never been to and I friend I've never met... we'll soon find a solution for both the problmes, right?! ;)

  12. Hi Asha,

    Such a long time ! (which I regret..) Wow, you were here? So nice to read this post, and I see you had a wonderful time here...Yes, no woman will ever feel lonely in Paris..! The city is in itslef a faithful lover..always there, to comfort us..
    A huge hug,

  13. Oh these pictures are so inspiring! Captured by someone who has fallen head over heels. I want to jump on a plane right now.

  14. Oh! I feel the same way about Paris. It's such a beautiful, special place. I long to live there someday. We'll be going back (my 4th visit - never enough) on our honeymoon in July. I cannot wait. Your pictures are just gorgeous.
    Heidi xo

  15. Yummy!!!! Bookmarked the site…


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