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Homemade Pasta - Taleggio Agnolotti in Walnut & Thyme Brown Butter Sauce

Agnolotti in Pan

It's been a while since a pasta post here. Ok! It's really just been a month. But, homemade pasta is something that needs to be talked about... constantly. Before I got my little pasta maker, I was, well, truth be told, ambivalent between fresh (between me and the rolling pin) and dried pasta. But, now, I am strongly in the camp of making pasta from scratch and to your taste.

Ever since watching Iron Chef, I have had the craving for making filled pasta. I would imagine all sorts of exotic and, let me confess, interesting, stuffings. Have you ever heard the sounds of gears turning and locking into place? If you sat next to me then, you would have heard the whir, click, lock sounds as well! :)

Taleggio Agnolotti in Walnut & Thyme Brown Butter Sauce

Anyway, sometime back I made Agnolotti filled with awesome melty smooth taleggio cheese. The pasta by itself was so flavorful and I did not want to drown it in a heavy sauce. So, I kept it simple with a Brown Butter, Walnut and Thyme Sauce. The nuts enhance the nuttiness of the cheese itself and brown butter needs no selling indeed! :)

Taleggio Agnolotti

Taleggio Agnolotti in Walnut & Thyme Brown Butter Sauce

Prep Time: 30 min
Cook Time: 3 min
Total Time: 35 min

1 recipe for pasta dough
6 oz taleggio cheese

Using the pasta maker, roll out the dough into 4 inch wide sheets. Place a teaspoon of taleggio cheese off center from on side of the edge, lengthwise and half an inch away from the other edge. Continue placing the cheese at one inch intervals until one sheet is done. Fold the sheet over the cheese and seal edges with a little water. Cut the agnolotti out and set aside. Repeat with the other sheets

Bring a large pot of water to boil. Salt generously. Fresh pasta cooks very quickly, in under a couple of minutes. So keep an eye, especially since it will continue cooking while being tossed in the sauce.

Walnut & Thyme Brown Butter Sauce

6 T butter
1 T fresh thyme leaves
2 T chopped walnuts

Over very low heat in a heavy bottomed pan heat and melt the butter. When the milk solids have seperated and butter exudes a nutty flavor, add the thyme and walnuts and toss quickly for about 2 minutes. Now the sauce is ready.

Add the drained pasta to the sauce and toss and cook for another couple of minutes. Serve immediately.


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  1. Everything about this dish looks lovely. First of all, I adore brown butter... in any way I can get it. But with homemade pasta? Well, you have me sold!

  2. I am a HUGE pasta fan and can eat back to back for days .. seriously !! I too made home made pasta .. to be precise ravioli for my hubby's birthday and I realized how much better it tastes.. but i made old school type with rolling pins .. HUH :D
    This looks such love delicious dish perfect for this weather :)

  3. As big of a DIY mentality as I have, for some reason homemade pasta just never really appealed to me. But yours looks so lovely I may have to try it myself after all. And brown butter is heavenly =D

  4. Asha, I LOVE stuffed pasta and write about it often and taleggio is my all time favorite cheese. Why did I never put the two together? Thanks for giving me the idea, I will be trying this soon.

    Your photos are gorgeous as usual!

  5. I love making my own pasta and quite frankly I don't do it often enough. Your filled pasta looks delicious!!

  6. A beautiful dish! Those falvors are just so good. Great homemade pasta.



  7. Sounds lovely. I've never made my own pasta; not sure I ever will but the browned butter, thyme and walnuts? That I could do and think I will!

  8. That looks so delicious and simple! I need to try this out :D

  9. This pasta looks so beautiful! And that whole brown butter business just pushes the deliciousness completely over the top. :D Yum!

  10. Such a gorgeous plate of pasta! And that walnut sauce - oh my goodness, so delicious!

  11. Looks delicious Asha. I love it!

  12. Asha: you did pasta wonderfully and elegantly: with your wonderful Asha touch. Taleggio is indeed so smooth: good choice in not overwhelming it with other flavors.

  13. looks like a great recipe to highlight the cheese.

    And wonderful photos as usual!

  14. I love pasta!!! It reminds me of amazing Italy and summer and those two things I really love... and pasta is maybe my most favourite meal. And the homemade pasta is definitely "the best of the best"!
    Unfortunately I don't have pasta maker at home, so, the result of my trying isn't much good.
    But after reading of your post I'm really just about to buy it!

  15. This looks absolutely delicious and your pictures are gorgeous! So glad to be your newest follower :)

  16. It looks so good!
    I made my very first homemade pasta a month ago... I love it!

  17. This sounds wonderful! I think with homemade pasta, simpler is always better - after all, what's the point of spending all that time making beautiful pasta, only to drown it in sauce?
    And besides, you can never go wrong with a brown butter and walnut sauce, as far as I'm concerned. :)

  18. love how simple this is, yet the flavours would be super amazing together! Also you managed to make it look simply gorgeous. Bravo.

  19. simple and elegant, with brown butter to boot. i've only once made pasta by hand, but this recipe has me thinking i should give it another go :)


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