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Berry Season...

Making Raspberry Jam

Spent some time this weekend relishing fresh raspberries many ways and storing them for later enjoyment...I have also been making colder stuff.. but that's for another day! :)

I am bit delayed on the posts for this week, so I leave you with these photos and promise to be back ever so shortly! :)

Have a great week!

Cheese and Fruit


  1. What stunning clicks! I really like the second one.



  2. I am never disappointed when I visit your blog, Asha! Even the simplest of posts are done with panache ... these shots are lovely! Where are the raspberries coming from for you? We are just looking at strawberry blossoms in New Hampshire! Can't wait for raspberries!

  3. Oh, how I loooooove berry season! I am in love with berries - all berries - and have yet to actually cook much with them because I'm far too busy shoveling them into my mouth straight from the market. :)

  4. Some seriously good photograpy here.

    Amazing work

  5. i love your photos! i'm always inspired by your perspective.

    also a big fan of berry season here. jams and pies and fruit platters abound.

  6. Asha, u hv a stunning blog here! Found u thru Diptych Food...Congrats on the win of ur Raspberry photography! So much to learn here!! Love this space!

  7. I love all the kind of berries! but i have never tried any combination fruit with cheese. But i want to :) You know, how Italins say - ''Pear with cheese, but malon with ham'' I'm sure all of these are interesting combinations. Great pics :)


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