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Homemade Gnocchi and Thanksgiving Giveaway Winner ...

It's been a nice long weekend.... A friend came over for Thanksgiving and to celebrate her birthday in style in the Big Apple. So there was much indulgence in food and sweets, a lot of catching up on things and people in our lives and those that intersect both, more catch-ups with more friends and house dinners and some more eat outs...

And since it is NYC, how can a visit be complete without a long wait to get a good meal?! On the Friday after the Thanksgiving, we wanted to fortify ourselves before diving headlong into the Black Friday throngs. Since we were hosting the out-of-towner we thought we must introduce her to some of the finest that the NYC streets had to offer; the Vendies!!!

She is vegetarian. We thought, we must must give her the chance to taste the Vendie award winning biriyani at the cart on 46 and 6th. Truth be told, the chicken biriyani from that cart is totally worth the 20 minute wait we always seem to have to endure (It is freshly made right there!!!). So, it was definitely expected to be a treat!

So, we set off on this blisteringly windy and hence cold Friday to midtown west and waited patiently in line for our turn. It just seemed to be the day for large orders and short staffed carts. There was just one short order cook manning all those flying orders! We patiently waited, cracking jokes and entertaining ourselves and trying to ignore our freezing extremities. Those who know me will realise that alone is a testament to the food here!..

Anyway, we waited for 45 minutes. When, finally after what seemed like eternity and our hands, ears and lips were frozen over, our turn came, we asked for the vegetable biriyani. The guy looked at us blandly and responded "No vezzie stuff today" !!!! $%#@&* GAH!!

So, after recovering from our dumb amazement at the turn of events, we shuffled off to a rather popular south Indian vegetarian restaurant, where again, we had to wait before being seated.... And then guess what, the kitchen closed before we could finish filling ourselves up....Sighhh

Seemed like there was nothing left to do but shop to make up for the day and that we did! :)

Anyway, none of that had anything to do with making Gnocchi; just wanted to share my moments with you! :) I like gnocchi and that pillow-y fluffiness makes it so irresistible! I used Heidi's recipe to make the pasta and topped off with a simple fresh tomato sauce. They were fun and tasty but not yet perfect! I need to work on incorporating more airy lightness into the pasta and I plan to...

OK, it's time to announce the winner of my Thanksgiving book giveaway. The note out of the hat had Sala Kannan's name on it... Congratulations Sala!!! RCR Creative will be sending your copy of Notes on Cooking soon. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

Also, another piece good news for me this Holiday season. My photo of Pomegranate Yogurt Ice Cream was chosen as one of the finalists of the POM Wonderful Photo Contest at Refrigerator soup. It is currently being featured on the website! Thanks very much for the honor. I am soo thrilled!!!


  1. Homemade gnocchi sound wonderful! Congratulations on being selected a finalist for pom wonderful, that's terrific!

  2. Now I want to come to NY and have you make gnocchi for me! It looks fabulous! Congratulations on being selected! It's a great choice!

  3. I have yet to try the chicken biriyani from the cart. I keep hearing about it!
    Gnocchi are tricky little things. Yours look great though. Keep practicing and you'll get it right!

  4. I have yet to try the chicken biriyani from the cart. I keep hearing about it!
    Gnocchi are tricky little things. Yours look great though. Keep practicing and you'll get it right!

  5. Wow lucky Sana...& good for you Asha, CONGRATS! I want biryani from the cart on 46 and 6th! Sounds yum to me....have plans for making lamb biryani tomorrow!!

  6. Congratulations on being selected with your pomegranate ice cream, I really should make this since I have 2 sitting in my fruit bowl! Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful search for food while your friend was over, i get really grumpy when that sorry of thing happens to me! Once the blood sugar gets low I'm like a bear with a sore head :o)

  7. Well done Asha, the pic look beautiful :-)

    And the plate of gnochi, yumm!

    AND, I need to come to NYC :-D

  8. It is a gorgeous picture of a gorgeous dish! I'm always scratching my head on how to use pomegranate for anything other than cocktails! Congratulations!


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